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Sas License Agreement

Unless otherwise stated, all comments, reactions, information and materials transmitted to the online communication channels are intended to be shared with other users of the online communication channels. You can choose to include personal data in your SAS community profile. You are responsible for setting and maintaining your privacy settings to determine who can access this personal data. Note that even information that you define as private may be accessible to SAS and third parties due to their level of access. You agree to process the information in accordance with the partnership agreement in force between you and SAS. Unless otherwise stated in writing, you may print parts or all information in the partner area. You may only reproduce this printed information for internal use and subject to the restrictions provided for in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. You may not remove any proprietary rights, copyrights, trade secrets or other legends from any form of information. The trade secrets or know-how it contains remain the exclusive property of SAS. SAS does not license you under any copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret. You agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when using the information. You acknowledge and agree that sas suffers irreparable harm due to the nature of the information if you fail to comply with any obligation under this Agreement.

Sas therefore has the right to seek an appropriate remedy to enforce a right under this contract or to prevent or cure a breach of an obligation contracted, without preventing or remedying any available legal protection. Such a remedy under equity law may include, inter alia, the search for an interim or permanent injunction, an injunction or an injunction for a specified benefit and may, depending on the circumstances, be sought from any appropriate court, with or without notice. They also accept that such an injunction does not affect other rights conferred on SAS due to the violation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale. The University of Missouri has entered into a licensing agreement for SAS Institute PC software. This license reduces the unit costs of the software and allows users to use the software on university-owned computers, provided certain restrictions are met. It is the University of Missouri`s policy to abide by software licensing agreements and encourage all users to do the same….