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Encroachment Agreement Georgia

When it comes to property disputes, Metzger said most of them boil down to “what we call interventions on a small part of the borders.” You may discover that the driveway or shed of the neighbor`s backyard is two meters above the boundary of your land. You may have bought a new home, and when you added a landscape architect, you discovered that a neighbor has three feet of your property in their hedges. Maybe twenty years ago, a deceased former owner of the property allowed a neighbor to build on his property, but new neighbors moved in. In such cases, Metzger says, both parties can have border agreements established and offer a “user license.” In addition to keeping others away from your possessions, it`s important to know where the boundaries of your possessions lie. Even a small intervention by your neighbor in your country can have unfortunate consequences for you. When an easement is awarded by the court by expropriation and sale, the person acquiring the easement must keep the seservability open (for example. B if it is a road, road or entrance) and to maintain the easement in good condition for one year. If he does not, he is presumed to have “renounced” the servitude. After establishing field boundaries, Metzger proposes that people start with a polite conversation.

He recommends starting the conversation with “Did you know…”. The poet Robert Frost once wrote, “Good fences make good neighbors.” But that`s not so true when your neighbor`s fence is on your property. Georgia has specific rules for the settlement of property disputes like this. Metzger said one of the most common property disputes that take place in court is the flow of water from storms. In case of water flow, he recommends that owners identify the source of the water. This way, inform yourself and don`t accuse the neighbor of misconduct…