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Wealth Management Service Agreement

A number of specific services are located within each service category. For each service, a specific fee is awarded, which is listed in the next section. Some services are provided at all times, others on a single basis. The details of the specific services you have chosen will be clearly communicated to you. You are free to start or terminate any service provided by NorthStar at any time, provided that all related costs are paid to cover the services provided on that date. Our standard financial planning service is perfect for most needs with comprehensive financial plan revisions every 24 months. The following fees apply only to financial planning services. If investments, pensions or other services are required, the fee is charged for them in accordance with this document. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 requires us to explain the key aspects of our work method and how it affects your client. Some of the services we provide may not be regulated by the FCA because they are not included in the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000. If we intend to provide advice on unregulated activities, we will confirm what those services are and that they are not regulated by the ACF.

Asset management contracts are generally defined as mandate agreements, in which the client gives the bank or the independent asset manager the power to manage its assets on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis. These contracts, with a bank or other agency subject to prudential oversight, must meet certain regulatory and self-regulatory requirements. NorthStar may terminate or modify the services we offer at any time by sending you changes or cancellations in writing with a delay of at least 14 days. We manage the money you have in your retirement in the same way as our investment management department and calculate the same amount as any other investment. This is usually 0.8% per year if you are invested in a NorthStar portfolio, 1% per year, if your pension investment portfolio is with another provider, or 0.5% per year if you invest in a single pension product with a limited fund range (minimum fee of $500). Where the money is kept in your business, you need to make sure it is invested wisely. We manage business investment in the same way as our investment management department and calculate the same amount as for any other investment.